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Innovative Providers Of Commercial and Industrial Filtrations

Our business concept is to optimize our product quality and service to be in line with customers` needs. Compared with standard filters, Valitech products can reduce the operating costs of filtration systems, by keeping their pressure drop low over a longer time. Our filters can catch more contaminants and operate at lower average resistance because of better designed filter media and larger filter media surface. Valitech products are widely used in various fields such as metal processing, chemical industry, painting spraybooth, cement industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, shipping, gas turbine, and all kinds of HVAC system, Etc. Valitech is one of the most innovative providers of filters for the your Industrial. Valitech provides efficient, high quality commercial and industrial air filters at very competitive pricing. So, we can offer quick turnaround times. Please, contact our team for any and all requests you may have.


We treat our people and partners with respect, dignity and compassion. We are committed in providing excellent services, and our core values are a reflection of this spirit.


We endeavour to build exceptional relations with all customers, agents and suppliers


We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating working environment that encourages employees to develop individually and as a team.


We are determined to maintain and build upon our position as a reliable and proactive supplier of innovative and practical solutions for Filtrations needs.


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